Chapter 6: A Pebble in Her Shoe

I honestly don't know what to say for this one, or where to start, but I just don't see how I can continue telling my story without talking about her. I don't want to. I know I have to, I know this is MY truth and I shouldn't let anyone get in the way of... Continue Reading →


Chapter 5: Emotional Vomit

Sitting on this piece has been hard. It's like trying to hold vomit in your mouth, it just feels nasty.   Abuse is a funny thing. Not "haha" funny, but "funny" in the peculiar sense. You would think that, when you are the victim of it, abuse would be very apparent. But it's not. It... Continue Reading →


I am everything And yet nothing I am the rain Pouring my all on to you Drenching you Quenching your thirst I am the wind Stirring your thoughts Like so many fallen leaves Blown away I am the sun Bringing you warmth And light Protection from the darkness I am always there I am everything... Continue Reading →


It might take me a few days to pump out the next piece. It will probably be shorter? But maybe not. I guess we'll find out. But in the mean time, here's something I wrote last night. #fuckpain My joints are stiff And filled with fire My fingers don't want to bend Each phalange aches... Continue Reading →

Chapter 4: Here Goes Nothing….

I wrote about my mom, so I guess I should probably talk about my dad....but this one will probably be quite a bit more scathing, so if you needed some aloe vera after that piece, you're gonna need a skin graft after this one. Bear with me as I try to piece together what I... Continue Reading →

Sorry for the delay…

I swear I'm working on the next post, but I suspect that I have rheumatoid arthritis and my hands aren't exactly cooperating with this whole writing/typing thing. Chronic pain is on my list of things to eventually write about here and I'll explain more then, but today you will have to settle for a poem... Continue Reading →

Invisible Girl

I'm a little behind on posting (I went to the store last night, so my body shut down around 10 p.m. and wasn't getting up for anything for a solid 11 hours), but I'd like to believe this poem is good enough to make up for that. Enjoy! Invisible girl In her invisible world Singing... Continue Reading →

On the Road to Self-actualization

Some memories seem fluorescent Passing through my mind Dimming all around me Regret not far behind Vivid details mark my journey Though my focus seems unclear Will these fantasies that linger To reality adhere? How? Where? So far to go.... When will I get there? How will I know? The path lies straight ahead Do... Continue Reading →


What do you see When you look at me? Is it the truth? Can it set you free?   Plain Jane glasses dumpy large no waist to speak of and what is that thing on her head?   You don't know it (you'd never admit it) But you judge me Not for who I am... Continue Reading →

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