What do you see

When you look at me?

Is it the truth?

Can it set you free?


Plain Jane




no waist to speak of

and what is that thing on her head?


You don’t know it

(you’d never admit it)

But you judge me

Not for who I am

But because of who I look like to you


Maybe I’m the warm lunch lady

who always gave you an extra roll

Or maybe I’m the overly critical 2nd grade teacher

who made you feel small

and unimportant


Maybe I remind you of grandma’s house

of warm hugs

and fresh, soft cookies

Or maybe I invoke anger


the way you feel

about the ten pounds you just can’t shed


But what you see

Whatever you see

It’s not me


You see YOUR hurt

YOUR success or failure

YOUR flaws, YOUR insecurities

YOUR behaviors

YOUR preferences

YOUR defense mechanisms

YOUR world

For good or ill

You look at me

and see yourself


I can’t see what you see

But I see what you can’t

I see inside me


I see my broken soul

my good intentions

my guilt

my fear

my need to feel like I’m

not alone

And I look at you

And I know

That you’re broken, too


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