Invisible Girl

I’m a little behind on posting (I went to the store last night, so my body shut down around 10 p.m. and wasn’t getting up for anything for a solid 11 hours), but I’d like to believe this poem is good enough to make up for that. Enjoy!
Invisible girl

In her invisible world

Singing a song

That nobody heard

Invisible girl

With such curiosity

She couldn’t be still

She had to be free

Invisible girl

She broke out of her box

She kicked down the door

She smashed all the locks

Invisible girl

Fights her battles alone

With no witnesses

Can she really have won?

Invisible girl

Like a fly on the wall

They can’t see her

But she sees it all

Invisible girl

Sees a world that’s on fire

And despite all her efforts

The flames just grow higher

Invisible girl

Feels invisible pain

Wracking her body

And haunting her brain

Invisible girl

With her heart on her sleeve

But nobody saw

What no one wanted to see

Invisible girl

Fights flames no one can see

This blazing inferno is real

But is as invisible as she

Invisible girl

Her shadow grows long

As she turns from the flames

And starts singing her song


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