Sorry for the delay…

I swear I’m working on the next post, but I suspect that I have rheumatoid arthritis and my hands aren’t exactly cooperating with this whole writing/typing thing. Chronic pain is on my list of things to eventually write about here and I’ll explain more then, but today you will have to settle for a poem about chronic pain.

Tired of being tired

Sick of being sick

My mind can hardly function

The fog is much too thick

I try to laugh it off

It’s hard, but I can deal

But you would feel destroyed

If you felt the way I feel

The pain is there every minute

Every second of every day

Sleep is my only escape

The only time it fades away

My body feels bruised and beaten

My muscles are worn and weak

I want to give up, to lash out, to cry

But of this I will not speak

Instead I ignore the hurt

The fatigue I push aside

I persevere through it all

No one can say I never tried

I don’t want to be a burden

But I fear that I am cursed

I know no matter what I do

The pain can only get worse

So please don’t judge me harshly

I beg you to understand

I face this battle alone

And I’m doing everything I can


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