On Darkness and Isolation

You may have noticed this week I've been mostly posting poetry. This is partly to give me some time to collect my thoughts and try to decide where I want to go next with my tale to make certain that I tell it in a coherent way, but it is also simply because I struggle... Continue Reading →


On depression

All I've ever wanted Was to feel like I belong I thought that was a simple wish I know now that was wrong I try to be kind and forgiving To be honest and real, but fair I don't always succeed at this But I try to show I care I try to be more... Continue Reading →

On moving on….

So much to say That I'll never say Dreams and reality Are never the same Lost in an optical illusion More lies A lonely, bitter heart Refuses, denies Nonsensical riddles Tell what is next Foreseeing dark shadows Misery's depths Forgotten misnomer You are what you'll be You'll never be mine I'll never be free Fog... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2: Lost in a Crowd

I come from a large family where it would be easy to get lost without some kind of survival skills. I'm the second of four kids, and I share the middle with my only brother, effectively making me the middle child and automatically handicapping me in the competition for parental affection. Being quiet and sensitive... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1: It Begins

I looked up from my notebook out the classroom window, watching the rain fall and thinking, "I'm really weird. And I'm ok with that." I drew this conclusion from the story I was writing about the adventures of my toy rabbit, Floppity, and her adversary, the despicable Chubby Cat (my sister's cat). I was 12... Continue Reading →

What the hell am I all about?

Let's start with 'what the fuck is a controvert'? It's more simple than it sounds. Some people are extroverts; their personalities just light up when they are surrounded by other people. Then there are introverts, who shine¬†when they are by themselves. Still others are ambiverts, who need a healthy mix of alone time and social... Continue Reading →

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