Chapter 10: My First True Love

We had American History together my freshmen year. We were seated in alphabetical order, so his desk was right next to mine. He had curly blond hair, laughing brown eyes, and a quirky smile. And he always needed a pencil. I always had an extra pencil. I was desperate for love and attention. I needed... Continue Reading →


I hide so I may shine….

Hello readers that I assume exist? I'm taking a bit of a break from my story today to talk about something that's always on my mind: Pain. 3 years ago I started experiencing intense pain with no apparent cause. After some testing and a lot of non-answers, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Fibro is bullshit.... Continue Reading →

Chapter 7: I <3 Me

The hardest part is always picking up the pen and putting it to paper. Somehow I'm afraid that I'll screw things up. I don't even know how I COULD screw up, but I'm afraid just the same. But then fear isn't exactly a rational thing, is it? (I'm talking FEAR, fear that my humbleness is... Continue Reading →

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