Shortly before I gained the courage to walk away from my ex, I met a guy. I was working at a bar, and he would come in with his friends, hang out and have a pitcher of beer, shoot some pool, all that jazz. After the first few times that I saw him, he started... Continue Reading →


Chapter 11: The One Where I Pull My Head Out of My Ass daughter was born. And it was difficult, to say the least. Not the pregnancy part, that was a breeze (minus spontaneous vomit explosions), and even labor was pretty simple. But if being a teen mom is hard, and being a single teen mom is aggravating....well, being a single teen mom with a history of... Continue Reading →

Poems on Abuse

My poetry seems to be the least popular thing I publish, but it's part of my heart just the same. These are a couple pieces I wrote over the years about my daughter's father. Swallow the pain Swallow the hurt Ignore the terror And lie in the dirt Lie in the bed that your carelessness... Continue Reading →

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