Poems on Abuse

My poetry seems to be the least popular thing I publish, but it’s part of my heart just the same. These are a couple pieces I wrote over the years about my daughter’s father.
Swallow the pain

Swallow the hurt

Ignore the terror

And lie in the dirt

Lie in the bed that your carelessness made

Lie with the guilt

Know you must stay

Know you can’t deal

With the hand you’ve been dealt

Understand that his voice

Can make your heart melt

Confess your emotion

Deny the neglect

Admit that you’re wrong

Demanding respect

Loyally devoted

Undeniably torn

Weeping forlornly

Anticipating scorn


Pity, shame


Nights so long

She’s come undone

Fronted face

Sweet lips to taste

Dark, confused

He’s come undone

She gave too much

He quit the fight

Lost the battle

They’ve come undone

Words they said

Now are dead

Their meaning’s lost

We’ve come undone


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